About Technology

Digital Learning

Here at the Convent of Mercy, we recognise and appreciate the value technology has in both teaching and learning. The use of technology in our school develops a wide range of critical skills, such as digital literacy, innovation and collaboration.

G Suite is an online learning platform used in our school in order to support all of our students’ learning. Each student is given a school gmail account, and through this, they have access to a number of Google Apps such as Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Classroom. Google Classroom is a learning platform that enables teachers to create an online classroom space. All teachers in our school actively use Google Classroom in order to elicit homework, correct student assignments and connect with our students. The use of this technology ensured all students were supported during the period of remote learning in 2020.

The school has also substantially invested in the provision of technology within our school to promote high quality teaching and learning. In our school, you will find three computer rooms along with portable class sets of laptop devices. These are used across the wide range of subjects on offer within our school and have become a central component of our learning experience.

In order to equip students with the essential skills needed to become digitally literate and confident, junior students participate in Digital Media Literacy classes. Here, they learn how to effectively use the technology that will assist their learning journey within the Convent of Mercy.