Student Leadership

Student Leadership

The Convent of Mercy has a strong tradition in the field of Student Leadership and promotes active involvement and participation in a wide range of leadership programmes.

The Cara Programme

The CARA Programme is a peer mentoring programme for first year students in which all first years are paired with a fifth year student. Their CARA helps them to settle into school and offers friendly advice and guidance. During the course of the school year and during Friendship Week a number of social activities are arranged for the students involved in the programme.

The Prefect System 

Leadership Capacity is developed through the election of representatives of the student body to the Prefect System in our school. It comprises of Class Prefects and Deputy Prefects, Senior Prefects, Deputy Head Girl and Head Girl of the School. The Leadership Team actively participates in the affairs of the school.

The Student Council

The Student Council comprising of representatives from each year group provides a forum to discuss and debate student issues on behalf of the student body on matters of concern to them. The Student Council meets regularly and identifies a number of initiatives/themes to develop over the course of the academic year.