Student Support

Pastoral Care

In line with our school motto, the care of our students permeates all of our practice. We endeavour to create a school community where all members feel a sense of belonging and are respected and valued. Our pastoral care system is all inclusive and recognises the importance of diversity and respect for the whole school community.

The Pastoral Care programme which we implement deals with a wide variety of issues such as: the transition from primary to second level school, code of behaviour, coping with exam pressures, bullying, peer influence, relationships, community, personal development, bereavement and separation. It also links in with Wellbeing at Junior Cycle.

Year Head/Class Tutor

Each year group has a designated Year Head and each class group a Class Tutor who has responsibility for the welfare of the students in their year/class group.

Study Skills & Supervised Study

Supervised study is in place for students after school from Monday to Friday, with Saturday study sessions provided where there is sufficient demand. Each year a Study Skills seminar is organised for all year groups in the lead up to state and/or house exams.

Special Educational Needs Team/Learning Support

The SEN co-ordinator and SEN team meet with individual students to assess their specific educational needs and put in place any additional supports for that student in consultation with their parent/guardian. Team Teaching is operational at Junior Cycle.

School Guidance and Counselling

The School Guidance Counselllor has a pivotal role to play in our school. Our aim is to assist all students in their holistic development while providing educational, vocational and personal guidance. This is done through the implementation of the School Guidance Programme by means of weekly classes, individual one-to-one meetings and group activities. The programme in place has been developed to suit the needs of our students as they progress through each stage of their educational journey.

The Guidance Counsellor offers one-to-one support to students who want to discuss personal or vocational issues in a confidential, non-judgemental setting. This can be at the request of the student or by referral from a staff member or parent.

Induction for first year students

Each year a programme is devised to enable first year students to make a smooth transition from primary to secondary school. This programme is implemented by the Principal, Deputy Principal, Guidance Counsellor, Year Head and Class Teachers. It takes place over the first week of the new academic year.

Student Leadership

The Convent of Mercy has a strong tradition in the field of Student Leadership and promotes active involvement and participation in a wide range of leadership programmes.

The Cara Programme

The CARA Programme is a peer mentoring programme for first year students in which all first years are paired with a fifth year student. Their CARA helps them to settle into school and offers friendly advice and guidance. During the course of the school year and during Friendship Week a number of social activities are arranged for the students involved in the programme.

The Prefect System

Leadership Capacity is developed through the election of representatives of the student body to the Prefect System in our school. It comprises of Class Prefects and Deputy Prefects, Senior Prefects, Deputy Head Girl and Head Girl of the School. The Leadership Team actively participates in the affairs of the school.

The Student Council

The Student Council, comprising of representatives from each year group provides a forum to discuss and debate student issues on behalf of the student body on matters of concern to them. The Student Council meets regularly and identifies a number of initiatives/themes to develop over the course of the academic year.